Houston Tango Marathon, Jan 17-19


Excited to invite you to Houston again!
BUSCANDOTE 2020 will be held January 17-19 at the same gorgeous venue, the Czech Museum Center, including 5 milongas with two full brunches and refreshments. Traditionally fantastic DJs will be spinning the energy and amazing dancers will be creating the magic. The marathon is limited to 200 dancers and shall be role balanced.
Our goal is to create an amazing and unforgettable event that will generate beautiful memories, new friendships, and inspiration and possibly new projects and cooperations.


I call it TangoFly...
The art this year is a symbol of transformational ability of tango, the ability to take you to different space, transforming emotions into the art you share in a present moment with your partner, room, music.
There are so many transformations, when I think about tango: personal growth, as we learn more about self-expression through improvised movement. Learn to embrace our emotions and be vulnerable, learn to trust another person as we exchange energy via tango language. Learning to have space to listen and appreciate one another expression and add to it, colaborate - how much do we grow/transform through it? Transforming community as a whole, caring for each other well being and becoming creators of safe space, how powerful is that?
The butterfly effect that tango has, the impact we have on every soul we dance with, and constant exchange, one tanda touch and we mix it all in as we travel the world for tango. The growth from exchange we receive, the joy and responsibility that comes with it makes the dance so real and transformational. We welcome all to Buscandote 2020 and wish you to take home new wings of happiness and to be a reason someone else went home with beautiful wings behind their backs…
I chose the butterfly wings to highlight the depth of transformation I feel thanks to tango, the feeling of flying I seek in every embrace. The space wings are the art of beautiful artist Marina Malyarenko and the concept is inspired by her team project “Catharsis”, check the art their presented at Burning Man this year. What are your stories of transformation? I would love to hear them in a comment or private message. Sending hugs and love to you all.


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  •   4920 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77004


If you have any questions please send a message.
We will answer as soon as possible.


Our mission is to promote inclusivity & diversity in tango, to create a friendly, safe, respectful environment on and out of dance floor with good quality dancing and inspiring energy. We hope for your support and participation.
With any question please send us an email to buscandotehtm@gmail.com