Please choose your primer role at Buscandote and follow the instructions.

* We add switch role category this year. It is limited and can only be used if you feel equally skilled in both roles.

You will receive two emails. One the moment you registered to confirm we received your request. After your payment is confirmed, you should receive second email confirming your registration is complete. Please check your inbox (and don’t forget spam folder). If you have not received an email, contact us at

To learn about volunteering options please send us an email to

Refund policy
  • Payment is fully refundable until December 1, 2019, 50% refund from December 2 through December 15.  No refunds starting December 16, 2019.
  • Passes can always be transferred to a dancer in the same role (initiator/completer).
Steps to transfer the pass
  1. Send email to to check if there are dancers on the waiting list
  2. If not post on Facebook event your willingness to sell your pass.
  3. Contact the person, you are welcome to perform financial transaction between yourself.
  4. After payment finalized, please send us an email with new participant First name, Last name, City, email address.
  5. Thank you!