What to expect at the Buscandote 2020 besides 5 milongas, 2 brunches, fantastic professional DJs, great dancers and good people:

Chacarera Class will be taught by amazing maestro and dear friend Donato Juarez G.
Class will be held on January, 18th at 7 pm after Saturday afternoon milonga.
Class is for all attendees of the Marathon and is included in full pass.

Sunday, January 19th, 12:00 pm Presentation “Mastering Musicality with Shakespeare”

This multi-media presentation will show what dynamic musicality really means. Using examples of great (or some not-so-great) Shakespearean actors, we can draw techniques that are applicable in tango. You may laugh or cringe but you will certainly walk away entertained and educated.

Location: Czech Center Museum, 3rd floor
This is not included in marathon price and is $10 of charge.
All are welcome, whether you attend marathon or not.

Massage will be available a certain hours through our the Marathon. ($1 per i minute)

Turkish Coffee will be made by beautiful Hande Jones during Brunch hours.

Thursday night there is local milonga for all, who is joining us earlier!
8:30 pm – 11:30 pm at Studio Niamoves, 508 Pecore St, Houston Tx 77009
Fee: $12