I hope I won’t be to cliché if I say all humans want to be heard and accepted the way they are. As much if not more we want to be heard in Tango. I came to tango to learn how to listen to another person through following. Years later I started leading and learned it also requires listening to your partner.  Regardless of role, we are all looking for a similar connection and experience the moment we embrace. Upon reflection, it was determined that we need terms for the Roles that reflect truth the most, that define only the sides of each role that are truly different.

As we see it, one initiates the movement, so we call them Initiator. And their partner completes the movement, so we address them as Completer. This new terminology is the beginning of an exciting project for us and hopes for all.

We are intrigued and excited to use these terms for our marathon and invite you to also consider new possibilities for tango dancers and the evolution of the dance. ~Iryna


*Should you still be interested in participating, please send us an email and/or post on Facebook event, in case someone is selling their passes.