Houston Tango Marathon, Jan 18-20



Milton El Gallo

Boston, MA

Milton "El Gallo" Azevedo is not your regular DJ. He is an entertainer who understands that every moment, every second, of an event matters. His approach to DJing mirrors his approach to tango. He looks to deeply connect with the people in the room, carefully selecting songs, tandas, and even cortinas to create a mood that accentuates the experience for each dancer present. Be careful, his exuberant energy is infectious! Occasionally, you may even find him standing on chairs, orchestrating the experience and engaging with the crowd. Milton hails from Boston-ish (MA, USA). He DJs regularly all across the northeast United States and Canada but is not exclusive to those areas. He has DJed many major events such as: "Zurich Tango Marathon", "Berlin Summer Tango Marathon", "Abrazo" and "La Fete" (Montréal, QC), TTX and Tango 8 Fest (Toronto, ON), Puerto Rico Tango Marathon (San Juan, PR), "ESO" (Buffalo, NY), "Natural Tango Festival" (Denver, CO), "Austin Spring Tango Festival" (Austin, TX), "LOCA" and "BOSthon" (Newton, MA) and others!

Jun YI

San Francisco, CA

Intrigued by the intensity of the music and beauty of the dance, Jun started her tango journey when studying at Yale. She later became deeply involved in and took leadership of the Yale Tango Club and cherished this community as her family. She organized classes/workshops/milongas, started DJing at YTC’s regular events. and co-organized two annual festivals. After moving to New York City, her journey as a tango dancer, DJ, and community-builder (especially helping with student communities, like Yale, Columbia, and Princeton) continued. Jun has also shared her music selections with quintessential milongas in New York City and San Francisco, where she is currently living, as well as milongas in Buenos Aires, Italy, and China along her 8-month world tango travel in 2017, and shared her music selections at marathons and festivals like Atlanta Tango Marathon, Las mujeres Tango Marathon, San Diego Tango Festival, etc. With a gentle and sensitive soul actively listening to the dance floor, Jun creates a music space that speaks to dancers’ emotions absorbed in a warm embrace, elegant steps, and playful movement.

Vincent Wong

Los Angeles, CA

Vincent found his passion for Tango in Los Angeles 2007. As an active Tango dancer himself, he used music as painting a picture in every milonga he DJed. Vincent DJs tango festivals since 2012 from coast to coast in the USA included Los Angeles, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, Tucson AZ, Portland, Ashland OR, Albuquerque NM, Seattle WA, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Providence RI, Tampa FL, Las Vegas, NV, and more coming.....

Amy Zhou

San Diego, CA

Amy started tango as a student with the UCLA tango club and the Oxygen Tango school in Los Angeles. After dancing for several years, she began DJing as a way to broaden her study of tango. She finds tango music endlessly fascinating and enjoys studying its depths and variety. Amy understands that good music is essential for having a memorable evening of dancing. She is a thoughtful and attentive DJ. Her music responds to the energy of the milonga and inspires expressive and deeply connected dance experiences. Amy DJs regularly in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, as well as at festival and marathons across the United States.

Derrick Del Pilar

Portland, OR

When he is at the DJ station, Derrick selects the best traditional tangos, valses, and milongas with rhythm, romance, energy, playfulness, drama…whatever the dancers seem to be craving at the moment! Derrick took his first tango steps in Buenos Aires, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He has DJed at festivals, marathons, and local events in Portland, Seattle, Boise, San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, and his hometown of Chicago. Besides being a dancer and DJ, Derrick is an avid student of tango culture. He holds an M.A. in Latin American Studies from UC Berkeley, and he has translated books on tango by Lidia Ferrari and Gustavo Benzecry Sabá. You can find his English translations of tango lyrics at www.poesiadegotan.com.


Buscandote is looking for you again!
I would like to thank you all for believing in us last year and coming to Houston to enjoy the weekend with us. Thank you for your trust, love, and support; we felt it through the process of organizing, hosting, and long after. I hope you enjoyed it as much and kept sweet memories about it.
So how about we turn a nice weekend with friends into a tradition? I am thrilled to invite you all to Houston again to share a weekend of tango, friends, warm embraces, smiles and unconditional love. We are committed to making it sincerely welcoming and comforting. Once again we shall have great music, amazing food food, even better floor.
The Buscandote tango marathon includes 5 milongas in three days with DJs from different corners of the country. We will provide all that you expect: Saturday and Sunday brunch, snacks , coffee, tea and water, and an exclusive souvenir to take home with you. Wine and beer will be available for purchase at the bar, shoes and clothes vendors shall be there for you to choose your new favorite tango items. The beautiful venue with large dance floor and plenty of comfortable seating is just a short ride from hotels, conveniently located with easy access to Rice Village, the Museum District, and downtown Houston.


  •   +1 832 367 72 65
  •   4920 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77004


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