Houston Tango Marathon
January 12-15, 2018



Amy Zhou

Los Angeles, CA

Amy started tango as a student with the UCLA tango club and the Oxygen Tango school in Los Angeles. After dancing for several years, she began DJing as a way to broaden her study of tango. She finds tango music endlessly fascinating and enjoys studying its depths and variety. Amy understands that good music is essential for having a memorable evening of dancing. ​She is a thoughtful and attentive DJ. Her music responds to the energy of the milonga​ and inspire​s​ expressive​ and deeply connected dance experiences. Amy DJs regularly in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, as well as at festival and marathons across the United States.

Dan Boccia

Anchorage, Alaska

The music is what first drew Dan to tango, and today the music continues to inspire him. Dan has been DJing for social dance events since the late 1980s when he played for dances during college using 78s and 45s. He has been DJing for tango events throughout North America since 2001. Dan is also an experienced amateur sound technician, and will be in charge of selection and placement of the sound equipment at this event. Dan was one of North America’s first tango DJs to select music on the fly, with no pre-constructed tandas, interacting with and studying the crowd to inform his selections, creating tandas on the fly that are uniquely suited to each event. Photo by Mary Li

Vania Rey

Austin, Tx

A DJ since 2008, Vania has DJ-ed at major festivals and milongas in Buenos Aires, the USA, Canada and Europe. She knows how to put together one good tanda after the other, in order to keep people energized and happy on the dance floor. A tango dancer herself since 2000, Vania likes a mix of lyrical and rhythmical elements in songs

Carol Anne Horowitz

Montreal, Canada

Carol can be found Dj’ing most every Wednesday at the weekly milonga that she runs in Montreal but when schedule permits, travels to various marathons and festivals in Canada and the US. She's Dj'd at the Abrazo Marathon, East Coast Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, Tango Magic and Seattle Tango Marathon, to name a few.  A Dj with a keen sense of energy and flow, she is much appreciated for her ability to facilitate an electric atmosphere that keeps everyone on their feet tanda after tanda.

Ney Melo

Brooklyn, NY

Ney Melo has taught and DJ'ed at various tango festivals around the world since 2004. He is a mix of a traditional "musicalizador" (using tandas and Golden Age tango music) and a Club DJ with dance music cortinas straight from the club. Wherever he DJs, he always brings the party! His favorite tango orchestra is D'Arienzo.


Buscandote is looking for you …. Some of us are entering new chapters in our lives which will take us away from Houston and/or the US. We are extremely grateful for the tango experiences we have had here and wish to thank our friends and fellow tango dancers for all of the conversations, memories, and embraces we’ve shared. To show our gratitude, we invite you to escape the winter cold and join us for a warm tango embrace in Houston, TX, January 12-15, 2018. The Buscandote tango marathon includes 32 hours of dancing, 5 milongas, 5 DJs, plus an after-party milonga on Monday! The beautiful venue with large dance floor and plenty of comfortable seating is just a short ride from hotels, conveniently located with easy access to Rice Village, the Museum District, and downtown Houston.


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